Save up to 90% of time you spend on documentation

Automatically document any process. Create user guides, knowledge base articles and SOPs in just minutes, freeing up time for the really important tasks

Documentation was created to keep everything standardized and organized. We’ll help you stay productive and easily deliver even the most complex routine operations

Your benefits


Faster delivery on any type of documentation


Stepsy automatically captures screenshots with every mouse click and generates text descriptions for each step. Now you can get a detailed step-by-step guide of complex routine procedures without any distractions or manual work

Develop your knowledge base


Create ready-to-publish articles and SOPs for a knowledge base to share in-company knowledge with your team or to educate users – you do not need to repeatedly explain how to do this or that anymore

Record bugs, steps to reproduce and test scripts 

Stop recording bugs and test scripts manually – use StepShot Guides instead of simple screenshotting tools to do it faster and to not switch between contexts

Main features

Generate screenshot with every mouse click

Create automatic step descriptions

Export to GDocs (Word, PDF), HTML, Images

Planned integrations

[SOON] Share to Atlassian Confleunce

[SOON] Share to SharePoint

Export to GDocs (Word, PDF), HTML, Images

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