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Study Guide Maker

Struggle to explain tasks with screenshots for your students manually? Welcome to Stepsy, your free AI-powered go-to solution for creating and sharing powerful, yet easy-to-understand study guides in no time!

19 Jun 2024 • 7 mins read

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bird with laptop_put feet on the table 1

What is a Study Guide Maker?

A study guide is an aid, designed to assist learners with their education. But what exactly is a study guide generator? Let’s dive into it together!

A study guide creator is your key to unlocking efficient learning and teaching methods. It automatically captures your every step in the web browser to master effective study instruction. If you are an educator or student dedicated to facilitating comprehensive study experiences, it is your ultimate companion.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, Stepsy simplifies the process of building and sharing vital information with colleagues and students alike. They can review materials on their devices, and you can provide consistent resources to support education. Study guides created with Stepsy are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Everyone loves to know what to do and how to do it. That’s why, well-organized study guides help students focus on core concepts, leading to better learning outcomes. Moreover, our innovative study guide maker empowers users to craft meticulously structured study guides, how-to instructions, process tasks, and step-by-step manuals effortlessly.

Benefits of Using Our Study Guide Maker

Making study guides manually can be a time-consuming and tedious process. So let's take a look at the pros of using our study guide generator.

Personalized Learning

Build guides in the browser to suit your unique teaching and learning style and preferences in no time. With Stepsy, you have the flexibility to customize content, structure, and formatting to best meet your needs. Our AI-powered tool will ensure clarity and maximize understanding.

Improved Retention

Forget about information overload! With Stepsy, you have the ability to create well-organized study instructions that will enhance information retention. Our AI study guide maker can capture any workflow in your browser, even long and complex ones.

Time-Saving Tool

Can you imagine, you can generate a free study guide in seconds? Stepsy is a game-changer for data processing and efficiency. And we all know that time is of the essence today. By automating the creation of it, our tool saves the time needed to document the workflow in your browser. 

What used to take hours, now takes seconds — empowering you and your students' productivity as well as allowing you all to focus on what truly matters: innovation and growth.

Enhanced Accessibility

Sharing instructional materials created in formats like PDF or Word documents can pose challenges. Make sure that students and educators have access to consistent resources. Stepsy allows you to create standardized study materials and share them with anyone via a link. 

Features of Our Study Guide Maker


Collaboration Features

We promote collaboration! Once you are finished, share guides with your team or the world effortlessly. If you want to send large files saved in formats like PDF or Word via email or file-sharing services, it can lead to some difficulties. Stepsy integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, making your tutorials easily shareable online via your own GDrive.  Also, unlock the potential of seamless collaboration with Stepsy's team subscription feature. Add users to your workspace, manage them, and build step-by-step tutorials effortlessly. After all, when your team thrives, so do you.

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AI-Tuned Step Description Capabilities

Gone are the times when you had to do the tedious work of manually describing each move and screenshot. Let us care about it. Just do your work in the browser, and Stepsy will automatically capture your steps and auto-generate text descriptions. Our AI-powered maker guarantees clarity and precision.


Intuitive Image Editor Tools

Everybody knows that visual content matters! With Stepsy, you don't have to do tons of manual screenshots. With every click, you will get a picture. Moreover, no need for other tools, we have a built-in image editor with a versatile toolset to customize your step-by-step guides. Highlight key areas with rectangles and lines, add arrows for directional guidance, and use text boxes to create detailed explanations. Have any browser data you want to conceal? No problem, blur it.

Shield, Protected

Keep Your Screenshots Safe

Your privacy is our priority. Your screenshots never leave YOUR space. Everything happens in YOUR browser and then gets exported directly to YOUR GDrive or YOUR local workstation. We do not store any of your captured screenshots on our servers, ensuring that your sensitive information remains private and secure. 

How to Use Our Study Guide Maker

Step 1. Get started

Begin by downloading our extension for free. Once installed, simply navigate to the website you want to document. Then, open the Stepsy icon in your Chrome toolbar and click the “Record a Guide” icon to initiate the process.


Step 2. Capture the Process

Your every mouse click generates a screenshot along with a corresponding AI description, effectively translating your actions into written step-by-step guides.

If you want a break? No problem! Stepsy provides a pause and resume function within the recording dialog box.


Step 3. Edit and Publish your results

Once you’ve captured your process, it’s time for customization. You can get creative by adding lines, rectangles, arrows, and more. Tailor your step-by-step instructions to suit your specific goals and preferences with ease.


When you're ready to share your knowledge, simply click the "Finish and share" button and publish it as a Google Docs document directly to your Google Drive.



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