Author: Lev Kypybida

A User Manual or User Guide – How to Name a Document with Instructions?

Nobody likes reading looong instructions. User documentation, be it called a user manual, user guide, or other, is usually provided to customers once they buy a product or services. Still, the users frequently keep asking the same questions again and again. Do you remember that funny yet true Facebook post about inattentive customers? After reading […]

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How to Prepare Training Materials for Offline and Online Learning? Bonus: Training Video

The creation of training materials for both offline and online learning is challenging as their quality impacts (if not defines) the success of employees or students. In recent years, the use of online training materials as helpful resources in offline learning has spread to different areas. For example, a training video, a step-by-step manual, and […]

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How to Build a Knowledge Base: Software & Best Practices

Efficient knowledge base software can be useful for every kind of business in various ways. It can help promote transparency between different departments, increase the effectiveness of operations, and improve customer service. Such benefits mean that your business saves precious time on core tasks and cuts expenditure on various fronts. It also means a growth […]

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